About us

The pace of technological change and innovation is reshaping the financial industry. Whether you are an established bank, an asset manager, a market infrastructure, a consultancy with a long-established track record, or an emerging fintech new to the world of finance, your communications need to fully reflect your role and unique value proposition in the new financial ecosystem.

We are a boutique consultancy with a dynamic and hands-on team of specialist advisers meeting the needs of the financial firms of the future. In short, we help them to communicate better.

What we do

We understand that traditional communications channels have fragmented, and this added complexity makes it more difficult for firms to reach their audiences. As new channels have opened up, firms have been empowered to diversify their communications toolkit and, in some instances, reach those audiences directly with highly targeted messages.

We strongly believe that at the heart of every great communication sits great content. We help our clients develop and refine their narrative to best support their business goals. Our approach is summed up as follows:

  • First, we believe that if we are to make a positive difference to our clients’ communications, our knowledge of their businesses and the industry and regulatory challenges they face must match those of the stakeholders we are targeting, be they media, industry analysts, investors, policymakers or regulators.
  • Second, we run our team like a news organisation to ensure that we can deliver compelling stories and content which can further strengthen our clients’ positions on the corporate, regulatory and industry issues important to their businesses.
  • Finally, despite being a specialist consultancy, from a single point we offer access to expertise across a full range of communications channels, both traditional and digital, supported by messaging, content creation, branding and design.

Who we do it for

Our clients are some of the most sophisticated financial services firms in the world. They range from large blue chip institutions such as banks, asset managers and professional services firms, to market infrastructure providers and fintech companies. It is our ability to operate at the intersection of finance and technology at a time when the former has been profoundly shaped by the latter that has been critical to our success in anticipating the needs of our clients and helping them deliver effective communications in an increasingly complex environment.

They are truly global, both in nature and their outlook. We work with firms operating across the world’s largest financial markets. Our clients are headquartered in North America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe as well as emerging markets. Through our sister agencies in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as our partnerships with a range of specialists around the world, we combine global communications solutions with local market expertise.

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