Regulatory Communications

At the heart of the policy debate

With Brexit on the horizon, at no other time has the regulatory environment and the public policy agenda been such an integral part of communications for any firm operating in the financial services sector. Whether you are a financial institution, a market infrastructure provider, a consultant or financial technology firm, being part of the regulatory debate is essential, advocating for effective regulation in line with business objectives.

From journalists to those that influence at a regulatory level, from social media influencers to business stakeholders, we work with clients to help develop and implement powerful communication strategies before, during and after the policymaking process. We ensure that our media strategy and messages are aligned with their public policy and lobbying objectives and that their position is clearly and effectively articulated. We are as familiar with the Dodd-Frank Act as we are with Basel, EMIR and MiFID (to name just a few) and through content-driven PR we have a proven track record of making our clients’ views on regulation count.