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Greentarget is a team of curious and intellectually honest individuals with a passion for helping clients communicate with purpose. We do great work for exceptional firms and people, but we do not take ourselves too seriously – at Greentarget, it is important that we both learn from each other and that we have fun doing it. By design, the way we structure our agency provides two important benefits:

Learning: All team members have access to the expertise of Greentarget’s senior leadership and the opportunity to stretch the learning limits of their position. The team is both curious and intellectually honest, which creates a natural quality control function that is the secret behind our first-class work and excellent reputation.

Freedom: Greentarget staff are empowered to develop their roles – and themselves – and fulfil their ambition through continuous progression and learning. This autonomy comes with a built-in support network provided by our more experienced staff, creating the best possible environment for our team members to explore, grow and flourish. At Greentarget, ideas count.

To nurture this growth-focused environment, Greentarget actively seeks the right mix of people that provide the personalities and strengths necessary to deliver our own value proposition. If you are both curious and intellectually honest, driven by being challenged and seeking opportunities to grow, we’d like to hear from you.

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