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Clarity, Proactivity, and Agility: Communications in Election 2024

Thomas Lodge | 15.05.2024

The constant churn of election content and speculation is well and truly upon us. It’s borderline redundant to say that 2024 is the year of elections. But the sheer scale of change and uncertainty at hand is mind-boggling: 80 odd countries, adding up to more than half of the world’s population, will vote this year in elections.

The outcomes of these elections, especially in mature markets like the US and UK, can and will significantly reshape market dynamics, regulatory landscapes, and economic policy. In a hugely important year, its vital that financial services and technology firms arm themselves with communications strategies that don’t just weather the storm – but shine through it.

Before pens hit paper on any proactive statement, media opportunity, or letter to the editor, the understanding needs to be in place. In the media blur of speculation, comms teams and PR partners absolutely must stay informed. For financial firms, your guys and gals on the trading desk will have every political scenario modelled and stress tested – take a leaf out of their strategy to get ahead. This foundational understanding is what fuels the effectiveness of any communication strategy, ensuring that messages not only resonate but are rooted in informed perspectives.

Communication cornerstones


1. Clarity is king

In a year where every headline could signal a market tremor, being the source of clear, concise, and accessible communication is invaluable. Be the voice that cuts through the noise with clear, jargon-free language. In your messaging around political events, it is important to maintaining a straightforward tone, acknowledging uncertainties while emphasising informed strategies and plans.


2. Proactive, not reactive

Election years are not the time for passive strategies or a ‘wait and see’ approach. Being on the front foot allows you to both address potential issues before they escalate and pre-empt questions and concerns from your stakeholders. Proactive communications (through earned media and owned channels) reassures your end clients that you’re not just watching the horizon — you’re navigating it for them.


3. Agility in action

The only constant in an election year is change. Markets and policies turn on a dime in political turmoil, and your firm’s ability to quickly reassess and adjust your messaging can make all the difference. It’s about being responsive to the external political and financial environment while maintaining a steady internal compass that is true to your firm’s ethos.

Crafting resonant messaging

All of these points should be taken into account when it comes to your messaging. Political and financial uncertainty means that firms should take the opportunity to educate and guide key stakeholders. This applies to the media as well – by breaking down political developments and potential impacts on your sector – you become invaluable to journalists looking for reliable and timely insight for their reporting.

At Greentarget, we understand the intricate dance between finance and politics. Our expertise in financial services and technology PR uniquely positions us to support firms operating in these sectors to craft messages that resonate and strategies that deliver – especially when the stakes are high.


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