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Greentarget’s next chapter: new expertise, services and colleagues

Jeff Watt | 18.04.2024

We have integrated sister agency, Unity, into our core business – here’s what it means for us, and for you.

The corporate communications industry has changed considerably in the 18 years since Greentarget launched. The normalisation of previously once-in-a-generation events and the breakneck pace of technological innovation have shaped how communicators navigate and stay relevant. The rise of social media has also transformed how we access and consume information and has given way to the surging popularity of more visual, shorter-form content. More noise and a fragmented media landscape have added another layer of complexity for communicators trying to tap into influential audiences.

Greentarget was founded to give sophisticated financial and professional services clients something hard to find in large agencies. Rather than mass-producing campaigns across an amalgamation of sectors, our purpose is to deliver clever, engaging work backed by exceptional levels of service for clients working in highly specialised sectors. While the market context has evolved, our founding principles and clients’ fundamental need for an agency that truly understands their business, audiences, internal pressures and goals, remain.

A major milestone

We need to tell compelling stories in new and interesting ways. This means tapping into fresh perspectives, thinking carefully about how to reach digital-native audiences and actively planning for clients’ changing needs. This is why we’re delighted to be welcoming talented new colleagues to the business to do just this. As of last week, the team from sister communications agency, Unity, became part of our core business.

This is an exceptionally important moment for Greentarget, as we add capabilities that perfectly complement our existing business and allow us to do even more for our clients. Our core expertise will always be to deliver traditional corporate communications programmes. However, with new capabilities, we are better equipped than ever to apply the strategies, rigour and messaging that underpin these campaigns to new formats and channels.

For current and future clients, the integration brings three key benefits:

1. A new technology practice area

The integration adds a new tech-focussed practice area to the Greentarget business, sitting alongside financial and professional services. Technology is ubiquitous and therefore an increasingly important part of our clients’ stories, whether in capital markets or how it contributes to the legal questions faced by international law firms. The team’s knowledge is additive to our broader offering, complementing our core expertise and offering fresh thinking on the issues facing our clients.


2. Digital and design capabilities

As firms use visual forms of communication to engage audiences, we are delighted to add new design capabilities. Intelligently designed visual content tells stories in a way that written word sometimes cannot. Social posts with bold images or data presented in interesting ways have proved to be hugely popular. We can now help our clients achieve this by translating sharp messaging into striking visuals and advising on how best to disseminate through digital channels.


3. An internal communications offering

Engaging internal stakeholders is more important than ever. Geographic and generational divides have made this even more challenging, requiring smart communications solutions to ensure colleagues are well-informed and feel part of something bigger and worthwhile. The integration brings seasoned internal communications specialists into the business, coupled with design and production capabilities that allow us to produce everything from podcasts to videos and much more.

A continuous evolution

While we have more people and a wider range of interlinked services than ever before, our guiding principles will remain the same. Our expertise is what sets us apart, we therefore remain committed to serving highly focussed but closely connected sectors to deliver the best communications outcomes for our clients.

I believe the future is bright and can’t wait for you to join us in this exciting new chapter!

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