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Powering Up Professional Services: Talking Tech to Clients

Indre Hessant | 13.06.2024

In today’s landscape, clients increasingly expect their professional services providers to be technologically adept.

Corporate issues that require the involvement of legal and consulting firms will universally necessitate complex data analysis, secure collaboration platforms, and efficient workflow automation – and professional services firms have been investing heavily in these capabilities.

As an extension of this investment, considering ways of effective communication around professional services firms’ technological prowess is crucial, with successful strategies driving both client and talent attraction and retention.

Here are the top five things to consider when planning your communication activities to promote a professional services firm’s tech capabilities:


1. Understand your audience

Don’t assume all your clients are tech-savvy and tailor your messages with your target audience in mind. If communicating via media releases, customise your distribution strategy and content. Specialised vertical press is more likely to show interest in specific tech features and upgrades, than top tier press. That said, do bear in mind that focusing on the tangible benefits your solutions create and the industry drivers / rationale behind the upgrades will always be more attractive than the technical aspects of the solutions themselves.


2. Tap into storytelling

Consider leveraging testimonials and case studies to showcase how your technology helped clients to achieve positive outcomes. Did your firm’s AI-powered contract review platform help identify potential risks or inconsistencies within the contracts as part of a complex M&A deal? Did the cloud-based platform you have recently implemented facilitate seamless collaboration across regions and time zones as part of the large consulting project? Real-world examples resonate the strongest and help to showcase the practical impact of your technology.


3. Drive industry conversations through thought leadership

Tap into the rationale behind your technology strategy to discuss wider industry challenges and potential solutions, with a view to establishing your entity as a thought leader and forward-thinking firm.


4. Embrace visuals

Visual communication is a powerful tool, especially when communicating on complex technical issues. Use infographics, short explainer videos, or interactive demos to showcase your technologies and to help clients understand your capabilities in a clear and engaging way. These are particularly useful when leveraging owned media channels, but are increasingly valued by the press too.


5. Showcase human expertise

Crucially, don’t forget that your capabilities are only as strong as your people. Clients won’t be buying into your services solely based on the technology you use. Demonstrate how your technology solutions help your team of consultants or lawyers to enhance their capabilities, not replace them, and discuss the wider repercussions and anticipated future evolution of the industry as a result of tech adoption. While technology is a powerful tool, it is only as good as the humans powering it, and there is no replacement to the strategic thinking and personal touch experienced advisors can provide.

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